Specialists in Pickup & Drop-Off Service and Motorway Lessons

Pickup & Drop-Off Service

Until you finally pass your test, you are probably still reliant on other modes of transport to get you from A to B. We always aim to make learning to drive as efficient as possible, readily available to pick up and drop off our students from their residence at times suitable to them, making it more accessible for all potential students to learn. Our instructors are fully qualified and know the local area through and through, so you can rest assured that your lessons will never run overtime and disrupt the rest of your day. If this is the service you need, then get in touch today for more information on the areas we cover and how a pickup and drop-off plan will suit your needs.

Motorway Lessons

Motorways are usually a daunting place for newly qualified drivers, with everything moving faster, more drivers and less time to react. Luckily our specialist motorway instruction lessons are aimed at giving you the confidence you need behind the wheel to use motorways freely and safely. In fact once you have passed, with our added motorway lessons you will soon realise that given some basic rules, motorway driving is straightforward and often safer than normal roads. So if you need to brush up on some etiquette, highway code or need some newfound confidence, then our specialist motorway lessons are perfect for you, get in touch today for more details.