Standard Training

When you are learning to drive, it is important that you are able to find an instructor who you can work with happily – as you will be spending a lot of time together. The good news is that we have lots of highly qualified driving instructors for you to choose from, which means that we’re certain to be able to find the perfect fit. Having your first driving lesson can sometimes feel a little daunting, however our instructors will put you at ease and this will allow you to get the most from your lessons. You will be on the road with your own license before you know it.

Manual Driving Lessons

Driving a manual car is considered essential by many and despite being more difficult to learn on than automatic transmissions, can be restrictive in many ways. For instance, an automatic license doesn't permit you to drive manual transmissions and therefore this can greatly reduce the choice of vehicles at your disposal, or maybe present issues in the event of an emergency in a mostly manual driving country. Our fully qualified instructors understand that everyone learns at varying speeds and will never push you to learn quicker than is comfortable to you, providing flexible slots and a pickup and drop off service to suit anyone’s needs. For more information or to book your lessons call us today and one of our team will be happy to get the ball rolling for you.

Intensive Courses

Learning to drive doesn’t have to take months and intensive courses are a great solution for those after a fast-track to passing. Taking an entire course and streamlining it into a few days or weeks is for many the best course of action - maybe you’re under time constraints for a job, college holidays or new to the UK. This is no problem and is actually a fantastic method for passing, with all the training a regular course would provide compacted into a short amount of time, many find that when it comes to their test that this information is still fresh in their memory, giving you an advantage over infrequent lessons and the need then to relearn what has been taught. Available on demand and with as many lessons as you required, we guarantee you will be impressed with an intensive course - so get in touch for more information or to book your course today.

We do 21 hours in 6 weeks: 6 hours in the 1st week, 5 hours in the 2nd week, 4 hours in the 3rd week, 3 hours in the 4th week, 2 hours in the 5 week, then do single hours in the 6th week getting you prepared for your driving test. Many of our pupils have done this, learnt loads and have passed 1st time.

Motorway Lessons

Motorways are usually a daunting place for newly qualified drivers, with everything moving faster, more drivers and less time to react. Luckily our specialist motorway instruction lessons are aimed at giving you the confidence you need behind the wheel to use motorways freely and safely. In fact once you have passed, with our added motorway lessons you will soon realise that given some basic rules, motorway driving is straightforward and often safer than normal roads. So if you need to brush up on some etiquette, highway code or need some newfound confidence, then our specialist motorway lessons are perfect for you, get in touch today for more details.


On 1 and half hour lessons you learn to drive more quickly then just one hour,or 2 hour lessons because the 1 hour lessons take longer for example if you did a lesson on Monday and have the next lesson next week Monday then there is a week long space to remember what you learnt where as 1 and half or 2 hours you learn more. 

Pickup & Drop-Off Service

Until you finally pass your test, you are probably still reliant on other modes of transport to get you from A to B. We always aim to make learning to drive as efficient as possible, readily available to pick up and drop off our students from their residence at times suitable to them, making it more accessible for all potential students to learn. Our instructors are fully qualified and know the local area through and through, so you can rest assured that your lessons will never run overtime and disrupt the rest of your day. If this is the service you need, then get in touch today for more information on the areas we cover and how a pickup and drop-off plan will suit your needs.

Refresher Courses

Designed to make you a safe and more confident driver, our refresher courses are compact and efficient, aimed at providing full licence holders a straightforward option for brushing up on their driving skills. Whether you lack confidence, feel you are unsafe or unsure of highway code practices, then our streamlined course is perfect for you and guaranteed effective by our fully qualified and highly skilled instructors. If you think a refresher course is for you, then do not hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange refresher lessons for you as soon as possible.

Block Booking

To avoid premium rates when booking individual lessons, we offer a block booking service so you can save on appointments if you are a beginner. The average amount of hours spent learning before a pass is 25 hours - this number will obviously depend on the individual but it may be that you require more or less and especially if you don’t want to take any chances booking a test and failing, just to pay for another one, it may be in your best interest to book a block of lessons, catering for any brushing up that may be required to ensure that pass. Working with only fully qualified instructors dedicated to providing a professional service, we guarantee that all lessons will only help to improve your chances of qualification - so get in touch today for more details.

Instructor Training

Becoming a driving instructor is a fantastic career path for confident, safe and intelligent drivers that are interested in a flexible job that can fit seamlessly around family life or studies. You’ll undertake comprehensive training one-to-one from our highly qualified team and once enrolled, will be fully supported and welcomed into our friendly team of instructors. As long as you have a clean driving licence of three and a half years then do not hesitate to apply, you can fit your tuition in around your life and be set to become a fully qualified instructor in a matter of weeks. So get in touch to start planning your training today.